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Relocating to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the thirteen largest country in the world and is fast becoming the digital hub of the region with significant financial investment. This combined with the tax-free earnings, low cost of living and guaranteed sunshine all year round makes it a very appealing place to live.

Why move to Saudi Arabia?

Tax free salary – yes you heard right, Saudi Arabia is completely tax free! Not only that they have higher salaries than other parts of the world.

Low cost of living – The cost of living in Saudi Arabia is one of the lowest across the Middle East. That combined with the tax-free element makes this a winning location for a lot of people.

Career progression –They have ambitious plans for progressive digital transformation across the Kingdom within all industries. This is offering rapid growth and is a great location to excel in your career.

Weather – With average temperatures of 31 degrees and only 18 days of rain per year, Saudi Arabia offers guaranteed sunshine all year round. With beautiful beaches on the coast and fantastic scenery mainland, make sure you pack your swimwear!

Safe – Saudi Arabia is one of the safest countries in the world with the lowest crime rates. Their communities are also gated to offer even more security for you and your family.

Large expat community – with over 70% of its population made up of expats the country has an ever-expanding expat community. Arabic is the mother tongue of the Kingdom; however, English is most commonly used in the workplace.

Fun facts about Saudi Arabia

  • Over 100 camels per day are sold across the country
  • It’s the biggest country in the world without a river
  • The GDP of the country is $646 billion
  • 25% of the worlds oil reserves come from Saudi Arabia
  • Half of the population are under 24 years old